Wednesday, July 10, 2013

crandpass - A random password generator for Linux.

I had an itch to scratch the other day and wanted to create my own random password generator using BASH just so I could wrap my brain around this whole programming thing.  The end result was actually something usable, quite decent, and something I will be expanding on to allow for more features asap.

Right now, the script is on Version 2, and will produce as many passwords of a given length as one requests from it.  It can use either /dev/random or /dev/urandom as generators.  What it doesn't do now is give the user control over symbols (not yet supported) or case control.  It also will produce results with numbers.  The next few versions of the script will include more fine grain control over these types of options.

The code and the install script can be obtained from the Google Code repository here.  If you would like to package my script for a distro, just let me know.

For the tarball of the script:
Version 2  - MD5 sum: 7185e725fa079576053f0e20726501ea