Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Good to be Home

No poetry today, sorry if that is what you were expecting. Instead, I have some great news: for those who are not following me onTwitter then you probably have not heard that I have finally found an apartment and have gotten settled in. Next up on the itinerary is a job that works me full-time, or at least more than my current one. So this Thanksgiving -- as lonely as it is since my roommate is spending the weekend in Junction City -- I still have something to be thankful for. It truly is a blessing to have a home, some peace, and some privacy. Something I have been waiting months for.

That being said, I am still holding a lot of anger at my former employer for what they did to both my brother and myself and I am not sure if I can ever really forgive them for what they did. I don't hold my own boss personally accountable, or even the district manager where I worked. They had to play the game, and the game sucks. But there is still honor left in this world and good people are found in the most unexpected places. The people at my current job have tried to help me out as much as they can, even though "resources [read: hours] are very limited." I just hope I can get a full-time job by the end of the holidays.

In the meantime, I guess I will be posting here on a more regular occasion. That means more poetry, and hopefully a few more parts to the anthology I am working on. It certainly is a lot more easier to come up with ideas now that I am outside the shelter and I will also probably be posting some recipes as well since vegetarian cooking is another passion of mine and one that I hope to be able to express more often.

Well, until next time, thank you all for your readership.