Sunday, October 21, 2012

Of Hope and Things Most Bleak

Tell me o great Luna of things to come
And tell me what hope means for me
Is thus true that man may consign his doom to a world of hellish fire?
Also is that true man may poison Nature with his waste?
Now I ask thee, o great one, what is there to hope
When justice is in chains
And in chains are those who should be justly free?

The madmen were laughed at when they said it was all coming to an end
Yet we pray together that their visions err
Earth as fragile as a blown glass ornament
As fools we carry her with oiled hands
And so the fate of man is sealed

But even so in this dim world I still find hope
In that hope there is virtue, and in virtue comes goodness
Where there is wrong, there ultimately must come right
And so the gods decree, man is far from perfect

Yet if one were to change and better the world
If one were to inspire
If one were to educate and give charity and follow virtue
Then so may others
And out of that one change shall arise the greatest hope