Sunday, September 2, 2012


There she lay cold and barren
Soulless, her breath stolen by greed
Covered in ash, in blood… rotting
Nary a sound from her mouth
Silence in the dead night
She lay covered with those that hath exhaled life

No man mourns her for death
No tears shed upon the day of her death
Not a single lily was placed on her coffin
The eulogy, great: but no one can speak those words
Her funeral, empty: cold is the earth on that unspoken day

Blood poisoned with toxin old and new
Poisons that run deep, and thicken the aer with it’s vapours
And salts the soil below her so to impede life
Smother all with the ashen powder that slowly choked all

Dead she lay, dead all lay
Upon the fiery ground
As snow fall upon our lifeless bodies

Such a fragile and lonesome thing…
Man has committed many murders

But none as loathsome as Mother Earth