Friday, July 27, 2012

Concerning Hatred and War

This world of hate, is sometimes all I can see
Fighting each other over every mountain and sea
For thy precious space and rescource
Choosing paths that let greed run its course
And bring blood upon our lands
Who is to atone against our evil hands
Which kill those who know not why
Why must those poor souls die
Extinguished as a seedling
Its body lay ashen, less than that of the frailest weakling
And what gives one
The right to make a youn sapling into ashes none
And who is to repent for all those who have quelled the embers
For those whose body are weak, and minds that can’t remember

Should it consume us all and carry our souls into the massive Hells
We must carry that cold truth
Let it take deep root
That we are the ones that dug the well